Meet the Team
Proprietor, Angela Beasley


Angela Beasley acquired the New Life Apostolic church in February 2013.

Angela has lived in Aylestone for 20 years with her son Joshua Edward Beasley and is also a Tropic Skincare Ambassador a natural product company to promote cleaner beauty available at the church from January 2019. 

The Kings Church group moved in to the office at The Sanctuary in November 2014 for a three year period  WE LOVE PILATES & YOGA SQUIRREL  now hold classes every Monday & Wednesday . 


Childrens Parties are welcome at the venue, an idea place for families along with small gatherings 

Gods Love Church  hold weekly meetings at the church every Sunday Morning . 


Diane Mc Dermott - We Love Pilates 

Dianne has been in teaching for 17 years, originally as an Art teacher and then retraining in 2013 as a Modern Pilates teacher.  The Pilates education and training undertaken was extensive practical and theoretical training in Modern Pilates methods including advanced anatomy, core stability, shoulder stability, muscle imbalance, postural analysis and exercise planning and programming. Training and education in Pilates methods and movement is ongoing as Dianne is always interested in the way that the body moves and responds to exercise.


Dianne is passionate about Pilates because it is such a versatile form of exercise and is accessible to everyone regardless of age or ability. Pilates is a progressive form of exercise, where each week you can feel yourself getting stronger, more flexible and able to do the exercises with more ease than you could do before.  At the same time you are getting a workout that challenges you as there are so many progressions to each exercise.

Qualifications & training include;
Level 3 qualified Modern Pilates Instructor.
Level 3 Adapting Exercise for Independently Active Older People.
Seated & Supported Pilates.
Modern Pilates - Advanced Matwork. 

Modern Pilates – Pelvic Floor Education
Pilates Barre – J Pilates

Level 2- Understanding Health Improvement

The Original 34 Pilates  Moves – J Pilates For more details visit Dianes website 

Yoga - Yoga Squirrel

BWY Student Yoga Teacher, Debbie Liggins


For many years, Debbie regularly practised at a gym based class which combined elements of yoga, tai chi and Pilates. Having trained in ballet for 25 years from the age of 3, this helped to maintain and develop her strength and flexibility. In 2014, Debbie transitioned into hatha yoga, a branch of yoga that combines postures, yogic breathing and relaxation techniques, which deepened and developed her regular practice. She is currently in her third and final year of training with the British Wheel of Yoga (BWY), working towards her diploma in teacher training and has been teaching hatha yoga for beginners since April 2015.


Working through classical hatha yoga postures followed by breathing and relaxation techniques, her focus is to work within individual abilities, and aims to make yoga accessible for all no matter what age, agility or body shape, hoping to inspire her students into finding their own journey and exploration into the world of yoga.


Debbie runs her yoga classes alongside her graphic design and illustration career and is enjoying building a portfolio career that she feels is greatly fulfilling and a much healthier lifestyle, enabling her to have a better work-life balance than the traditional 9-to-5. 


Details of her yoga classes can be found on her website at and her illustration work can be found at