Our Venue

Since its humble beginnings, this building has been a retreat for various groups, gatherings and occasions and a place where everyone is welcome.  

The venue -  - is available for any kind of  workshops, classes and events for all and promises to be a little gem - full of nice surprises!  

The Sanctuary Workshops: Available for hire / Accommodates up to 30 people / Catering can be arranged / 


From The Old Church...


The Apostolic church in Sanvey Lane Aylestone was the former Baptist Church. It was built by the Baptists in 1896 and was used by them until 1934 when they sold the building and moved to their present location in Lutterworth Road.

From about the time of World War II until the Apostolic Church acquired it in 1974, the Evergreen Club, used the main hall. The husband of the lady running this club was a prominent man in the area and a Conservative councillor.  A group called Toc H used the upper room. Toc H is a society of Christians for fellowship and charitable work, founded in Ypres in 1915 by Revd P.T.B. Clayton. The society is named after the initials of Talbot House, the place from which the society developed, “toc” being the old signaller’s code for the letter “t” and “h” for house. The building was also used for birthday celebrations and the odd wedding reception.

...To The Sanctuary Workshops


The Apostolic Church in 1991 renovated the building. The sliding partition which divided the hall was removed. A platform was built at the front of the church and a side entrance was added, able to accommodate wheelchairs, with a vestibule. A kitchen and men’s toilet suite were also added. In 2003 an extension was built incorporating a disabled toilet and in 2006 a new central heating system was installed providing hot running water in the building and modern radiators for warmth.


The building has also undergone a programme of redecoration since the current owner, Angie Beasley, took over in February 2013.  Along with refreshing the paintwork , the old carpet has been removed and the original wood floor has been restored giving a fresh new look for everyone to enjoy. 

Once Lockdown in Leicester ended in July 2020 , the venue has had a deep clean throughout and has 

Hand sanitisers throughout

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